This site is dedicated to discussing the challenges facing a modern America that is undergoing changes that many rightfully feel are not for the better. What was once a nation of entrepreneurs, individualists and stewards of the Constitution has slowly been turned into a land of dependents, manipulators and the power hungry. The quest for freedom has been turned into one of entitlement and the rights of the individual are being subordinated to the right of the collective. This collective is to be ruled by the politically connected, the mobs and government bureaucrats.

What has made America exceptional has been steadily eroded away and replaced with a false narrative which impugns the very notion that our nation was ever exceptional. Here we will discuss the current events and past history showing how and why the United States is quite unlike any other nation in history and why the desire of some to see us disappear would make the world all the poorer and miserable for it.

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  1. Ed Dwyer says:

    Hello, enjoyed your take on the ACA. Your point about the Dems thinking that doctors got to be doctors by being stupid. Why would someone go through almost ten years of higher education at tremendous cost to make an income on the level of a third-rate socialist country. What I see is that as an industrial electrical contractor, newly minted engineers come out to a jobsite and try to show how smart they are and end up showing just the opposite. They end up finding that we have the job going the right way after all. This to me is because they have no experience at all doing a real job. They have read about it, just no “seat time”. Common sense is not so common after all!!! This is how our government works, people that have no or very little real world experience are trying to “help” us do our thing. The ACA web site is a perfect example of it. My big question is, how do I get my money back? I want repaid for the cost of that crap, I read that we spent 1.1 billion on it so far. It was done by a crony of Obama, where is my warranty? I want repaid. If a Gov. employee does a bad job, it is business as usual, this was a contract. I want repaid. Think that will happen? Ed.

    • Victor Keith says:

      Hi, Ed,

      Thanks for your feedback on my blog post for American Thinker. Unfortunately, being a federal bureaucrat means never having to say you’re sorry and no refunds. People who are not accountable and pay no price for their failures never have to feel embarassment or shame but rather just outrage at the ingratitude of the public who do not realize they don’t know what is best for them. The answer is to cut them off from their money source which is the American people who they have been milking for their socialist projects for the last several decades.

  2. Bill says:

    Hi Victor,

    Thanks for your article. The ACA, as are many laws coming out of DC, is misnamed and very destructive of the healthcare portion of our economy. I am a dentist and from the beginning have been perplexed at the lack of outcry from physicians and my own profession. In my opinion, those people who choose to pursue an M.D. degree are the the best and brightest. Assuming that our culture will continue to value hard work and excellence, and that is a big assumption, why would these exceptional students continue to choose a profession being dictated to by a bureaucracy with restricted financial rewards? Many will not. The rest of us will worse off for it.

    The socialist ideology of many elites in DC, including the President, seeks to destroy the free market that made our country great. The ACA will wreck what is the best healthcare in the world. Unless the government controls staff wages, insurance costs, supply costs, lawsuit costs, and other overhead, how are doctors and hospitals expected to prosper and continue in business?

    I suppose that is the point with the liberals and socialists in DC. They know what is best for all of us and the fallout from their laws is of no concern to them.

    • Victor Keith says:

      Thank you for your comments Bill. It is an ongoing fight to resist the effort to take over the private market by people totally incapable of running a business and, as a result, resort to power over persuasion.

  3. Jim Pittman says:

    Does the BLM pay taxes on the income from selling minerals and gases???
    And when do I get my share as a TAX PAYER from the sell of PUBLIC land
    that make money for US. Not the BLM!!

  4. Victor Keith says:

    Good question, Jim. Whoever the BLM is working for it is apparently not us.

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